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Media Darwin’s core services are delivered through our four core advisory practices.

  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Business Acceleration
  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Media Ecosystem Intelligence

Media Planning & Buying (MPB)

For clients needing expertise in media strategy, planning, purchasing, analysis and optimization

Darwin MPB services focuses on the design and execution of 360-degree media planning, buying, measurement and optimization programs for advertising agencies, publishers and content owners. Darwin plans all digital media including emerging platforms like Social Media, Mobile/Tablet etc.. Representative engagements reflect AOR digital media agency assignments and include full-scope digital strategy, articulation of campaign goals and objectives, media marketplace analysis and research, development of communication strategy and associated media plans, post campaign analytics and management of vendor delivery and payments.

Business Acceleration (BA)

For clients requiring immediate or short-term advisory services where rapid revenue is the primary goal

Darwin BA services¬†focuses on strategies and tactics to immediately establish or improve critical core business metrics such as recurring revenue generation, traffic or sales volume, key content or technology alliances etc. Programs are tailored to each client’s individual objectives and designed to help a company with slow or stalled upward trajectory achieve significant sustained growth and traction. Representative engagements include the identification of core business objectives, early stage business planning, development of revenue and traffic building programs with associated forecasts, identification of key performance indicators and metric benchmarks. BA team members oversee all facets of program design, execution, measurement and optimization.

Strategic Advisory Services (SAS)

For clients requiring long-term or ongoing media mentoring, media policy development and internal governance

Darwin SAS services focuses on the development of media processes, building agency, client or publisher department infrastructure, policies, buy/sell strategies, as well as the development of media best-practices in the workplace and competitive landscape. Representative engagements include design and development of product strategy, promotional programs, audience segmentation studies and media tactic strategies including programmatic buying, conversational and social marketing, corporate trade and barter, and trading desk design and implementation. The SAS practice also includes a variety of other extensions of staff resources with Darwin professionals augmenting departmental leaders or providing a full outsourcing solution for the entire media function.

Media Ecosystem Intelligence (MEI)
For clients requiring time-sensitive intelligence, marketplace analysis or competitive benchmarking

Darwin MEI services focus on mission-critical intelligence gathering, analysis and commentary to support capital-intensive media decisions made by content owners, publishers and agencies. Representative engagements include the development of opinion papers and intelligence briefings for key executives on topical issues, competitive benchmarking and strategy, trend identification and commentary, and comprehensive audits and advisory services on inventory, audience and pricing
for publishers and content owners.